Curriculum Vitae

Kemal Seyhan


Was born in Kayseri/Turkey in 1960 and became Austrian state resident in 1996. After beginning coursework in sociology at Boğaziçi University, he settled in Vienna, where he studied philosophy and art history at Vienna University. He later graduated from the Department of Painting and Graphics at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After living in Vienna for over 20 years, the artist moved back to Istanbul. Seyhan has been living and working both in Istanbul and Vienna since 2004.


Personal Exhibitions


2022       "Futurgarden", Pi Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey

2019       "proportional line and structures, Ark Kültür,Istanbul/TR

2018       "untitled", Pi Artworks Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2017       "Syntax", Osthaus Museum Hagen, Hagen, Germany

2016       "Beklerken/Vivid dark of a space", ArtOn, Istanbul, Turkey

2015       "Ondas negras", GPLSpaceVI, Vienna, Austria

2014       "Ornaments from revers", Mekan68, Vienna, Austria

2013       "41 meter" Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey

2012       "Blue and Black" ArtOn, Istanbul, Turkey

2010       "Time to Time" artSümer, Istanbul, Turkey

2010       Cora Hölzl Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

2009       Artist in Residence, Museum Insel Hombroich, Germany

2009       "new works" artSümer, Istanbul, Turkey

2008       ArtSümer, Istanbul, Turkey

2005       Milli Reasurans Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2002       Böhmler Gallery, Munich, Germany

2001       Weichinger Gallery, Munich, Germany

2000       Gabriel Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1999       Kirdök Gallery, Vienna, Austria


Group Exhibitions/Art Fairs


2024       "Beyond form", piartworks, London, UK

2023       Contemporary Evening, Sotheby´s, London UK

2019       Draw Artfair, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2019       ArtBasel Hongkong, 2019, Hongkong, China

2018       Artissima 2018, Torino, Italy

2018       Art Dubai 2018, Dubai, UAE

2018       13th Contemporary Istanbul 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

2018       ArtBasel Hongkong, 2018, Hongkong, Asia   

2017       12th Contemporary Istanbul 2017, Istanbul, Turkey

2017       "30 Jahre Cora Hölzl Düsseldorf",

           driendl*architects, Vienna, Austria

2016       "Vier Künstler", Mekan86, Vienna, Austria

2016       11th Contemporary Istanbul 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

2016       "Freundschaftsspiel Istanbul:Freiburg,

           Museum for Modern Art Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

2016       Versus Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2015       10th Contemporary Istanbul 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

2014       9th Contemporary Istanbul 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

2014       "where do we come from? where ar we going"

           ArtOn, Istanbul, Turkey

2013       8th Contemporary Istanbul 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

2013       Slick Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2013       Opera Gallery Dubai DIFC, Dubai, UAE

2012       7th Contemporary Istanbul 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

2012       Viennafair 2012, Vienna, Austria

2011       "Sieben Grenzgänge" House Wittgenstein, Vienna, Austria

2011       "Crystal City" Mars, İstanbul, Turkey

2010       "Artists Pick Artists" artSümer, Istanbul, Turkey

2010       Osthaus Museum, Huma Kabakci Collection, Germany

2010       Mönchehaus Modern Art Museum, Goslar, Germany

2010       Pecs Modern Art Museum, Pecs, Hungary

2009       "second encounter" artSümer, Istanbul, Turkey

2007       BM Suma Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2005       Gabriel Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2004       "21st Century" 20-er Haus, Vienna, Austria

2002       "T-art" AAI Gallery, Vienna

2000       "Museum auf Abruf" Gallery, Vienna, Austria (Catalogue)

1996       "The Other", UPSD, Habitat, Istanbul, Turkey (Catalogue)

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